Citizen's Charter

Republic Act 11302 also known as  the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 mandates all government agencies to develop their current and updated service standards referred as the Citizen’s Charter. This is developed in the form of information billboards which shall be posted in their respective websites and in the form of published materials written either in English, Filipino, or in the local dialect (Section 6, RA 11302).

This policy promotes the integrity, accountability, and public management of public affairs and public property as well as establishes effective practices aimed at efficient turnaround of the delivery of government services and the prevention of graft and corruption in government. The State maintains public officials’ and employees’ honesty and responsibility, taking appropriate measures to promote transparency in agencies with regard to public transactions and adopting a program that reduces red tape, expediting business and nonbusiness-related transactions in government (Section 2, RA 11302).

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