Early Years Fair

The Early Years Fair is an influential advocacy initiative held annually, dedicated to nurturing heightened awareness and interest in Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) services at both the national and community levels. Over the years, it has emerged as a catalyst for forging alliances and fostering intersectoral partnerships that rally stakeholders to actively engage in and support ECCD.

Participation in the Early Years Fair is diverse and inclusive, encompassing a wide array of influential figures and groups. This includes heads and members of National Government Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations, esteemed Senators, Governors, Mayors, Municipal/City/Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officers, dedicated Barangay Officials, committed Child Development Teachers/Workers, representatives from the Private Sector, and, most importantly, Filipino Families.

The Early Years Fair stands as a dynamic platform for uniting diverse voices and perspectives, all converging with a common purpose: to champion the cause of Early Childhood Care and Development in the Philippines.

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