ECCD Trainings

The ECCD Council, committed to its mandate of implementing the ECCD System, ensures that partnership n the establishment of the NCDC is continues through the provision of Human Resource Development(HRD) Programs to ECCD service providers. The Council designed these HRD programs to facilitate LGUs’ adoption and replication of strategies in capacitating ECCD Service Providers in the provision of quality ECCD programs and services.

Induction Program

Designed to orient the ECCD service providers to current developments on early childhood care and development, the National ECCD System and its enabling law, RA10410. Furthermore, through this program, a local ECCD committee, which includes the Mayor, C/MSWDO, C/MHO, Barangay Captain, among others, where the NCDC is located, will be created, strengthened or reactivated. The Induction Program has evolved from an orientation to a capacity development program to provide skills and competency training of ECCD service providers.

Target Beneficiaries:

ECCD Supervisors and ECCD Service Providers (Mayor, C/MSWDO, C/MHO, Barangay Captains, Child Development Workers/Teachers, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Health Workers

Training Delivery:

Face-to-face with transportation counterpart from participating LGU or Online sessions with accompanying modules provided by the ECCD Council

Leading and Managing an Integrated ECCD Program (LMIEP)

Initiated to capacitate local ECCD Supervisors in terms of planning, supervising, monitoring and evaluating evidence-based ECCD programs. It is delivered through partnerships with State Universities and Colleges and is designed to equip participants with 12 graduate units in a management course (or other related fields). Local ECCD Supervisors who undergo this program are expected to gain a broader perspective on the ECCD work context vis-à-vis local policies and administrative practices

Target Beneficiaries:

The Local Social Welfare and Development Officer (LSWDO) or the ECCD Focal Person of the LGU

Training Delivery:

Three-phase program delivered through (1) blended learning approach, utilizing face-to-face sessions and online sessions, or (2) purely online with modules provided by the State University/College

Integration Program for New Child Development Teachers

Serves as the primary pre-service training program for newly hired Child Development Teachers (CDTs) in newly established NCDCs nationwide. This program is designed to equip CDTs with the essential knowledge, skills, and resources on ECCD service delivery. After the training, CDTs are expected to immediately carry out interim activities in the operationalization of the NCDC.

Target Beneficiaries:

Upon the establishment of the NCDC, the Mayor, through the C/MSWDO recommends to ECCD Council a Child Development Teacher (CDT) designated/assigned to teach at the NCDC, preferably with the following qualifications:
  • Has an item or plantilla position in the LGU, who likes to teach 0- to 4-year-old children; or a Child Development Worker (formerly known as Day Care Worker) being considered for an item or plantilla position after the training
  • Has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Secondary Education, Child Study, Early Childhood Education, or any field related to education
  • In good physical and emotional condition, with good moral character

Training Delivery:

Seven (7) days in-person training or nine (9) weeks of online and modular approach

Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP)

A scholarship program granted by the ECCD Council to CDTs and CDWs from LGUs with a newly established NCDC. This is to ensure that ECCD Service Providers have a strong foundation in early childhood education, and so LGUs are able to deliver ECCD programs and services that are compliant to the national standards and guidelines in ECCD. This program aims to equip CDTs and CDWs with 18 masters (for qualified participants) or undergraduate (for non-qualified participants) units in Early Childhood Education through partner State Universities and Colleges (SUC).

Target Beneficiaries:

  • 1 CDT who is assigned to manage the NCDC and has completed the Integration Program
  • 10 CDWs from the centers identified for conversion as endorsed by the Mayor through the C/MSWDO

Training Delivery:

Dependent on the agreed delivery mode of ECCD Council and the partner SUC

End Result

Consistent to the ECCD Councils’ vision of ensuring that all children 0-4 years old are provided with quality ECCD programs, the establishment of the NCDC serves as an assistance to LGUs in widening access to developmentally appropriate programs. Capacitating and professionalizing ECCD service providers is vital in implementing quality programs. The goal of the partnership with the LGU is to ensure that after completing all HRD Programs, the LGU shall have a pool of resource persons who are able to advocate for ECCD programs and policies, as well as capacitate other ECCD Service Providers. This ensures that the LGU is moving towards sustainability of quality ECCD programs.