National Early Learning Curriculum

The National Early Learning Curriculum (NELC) was developed by the ECCD Council and is anchored on the principles of the National Early Learning Framework. It is a set of eight (8) Learning Resource Packages (LRPs) that includes suggested activities and guidelines that are based on Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP). Set of learning resource packages

Implementing the National Early Learning Curriculum and Learning Resource Packages: Notes for the Child Development Teachers/Workers

Standards, Competencies, Indicators and Domains

Suggested Calendar of Activities for Parent Mentors of Infants and Toddlers

Suggested Routine Activities for Pre-K1 and Pre-K2

Suggested Activities for Pre-K1: 3 – 3.11 years old

Suggested Activities for Pre-K2: 4 – 4.11 years old

Suggested Teaching Resources: Action Songs, Poems, Rhymes, and other Creative Activities

Family Support Program