Kamp Bulilit

Kamp Bulilit

is an activity that serves as the springboard strategy for the ECCD Council to further promote the significance of early childhood care and development in different communities that have NCDCs.

The Camp has 3 objectives:

  1. To provide early learning opportunities for 0-4 years old children in NCDC sites nationwide;

  2. To establish a close partnership with the parents, teachers, and caregivers with the children through interesting and exciting learning activities; and

  3. To help in the coordination of the LGU’s Bayanihan Para sa ECCD program.

It is a one-day parent and child camp designed to facilitate early learning with parents’ engagement in the activities for the development of children’s language, social, motor skills,self-help, and cognitive domains.

The Council is introducing the camp in all NCDCs in order to help families understand different ECCD programs and services. Its implementation can also help communities appreciate the importance of enrolling children ages 0-4 in NCDCs and other early learning facilities. It will also serve as the planning venue for the LGU’s Bayanihan Para sa ECCD program.

Kamp Bulilit Pictures