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As mandated by the R.A.10410, or the Early Years Act (EYA) of 2013, the ECCD Council has established mechanisms for these stematic professionalization of ECCD service providers through its Human Resource Development (HRD) Programs.The HRD programs keep service providers up-to-date on recent developments and global views about early childhood care and development. It also aims to train service providers with suitable knowledge, skills, and values with regard to early childhood education for children aged zero (0) to four (4) and parent mentoring.  

HRD Programs are comprised of Institution-Based Training and On-Site Trainings for service providers who include, but are not limited to, Mayors, Social Welfare and Development Officers or ECCD focal persons, Health Officers, Elementary School Principals, Barangay Chairpersons, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, and Child Development Teachers.

Institution Based

Institution-Based programs are specialized academic training programs conducted with partner universities, or Teacher Education Institutions (TEI), that offer scholarships to ECCD service providers. The program equips service providers with knowledge and skills in providing developmentally appropriate practices to ensure high-quality ECCD services in their locality.

Early Childhood Teacher Education Program (ECTEP)

ECTEP is a specialized academic training course for Child Development Teachers (CDTs) in sites where the National Child Development Centers are established. The training is equivalent to eighteen (18) units in BS/MA in Early Childhood Education.

Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP)

ECEP is a specialized academic training course for ten selected Child Development Workers (CDWs) in NCDC sites where Day Care Centers have been converted, or are undergoing conversion, to Child Development Centers. The training is equivalent to eighteen (18) units in BS/MA in Early Childhood Education.

Leading and Managing an Integrated ECCD Program (LMIEP)

LMIEP is a training course for City/Municipal Social Development Officers who are responsible for the supervision of ECCD integrated services in the locality where an NCDC is established. The training is equivalent to twelve (12) academic units for the degree in MA in Educational Management or MA in Education Major in Early Childhood Education.  

On-Site Training

Induction program

Induction programs are conducted by the ECCD Council Secretariat, in coordination with LGUs, to provide an orientation on the EYA Law and global trends and innovations in Early Childhood Development. It organizes an ECCD Committee to oversee the implementation of ECCD programs and services in the community.  

orientation on eccd programs

Orientations are conducted by the ECCD Council Secretariat upon invitation of LGUs, Non-Government Organizations, an educational institutions. It provides information on current policies, global trends, and innovations in ECCD, or other information suggested by the agency/institution who want to be familiar with Early Childhood Care and Development.