Freedom of Information

Executive Order No. 2 or the Executive Order in Freedom of Information (FOI) aims to promote an open government by implementing a policy of full disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest. It allows Filipino citizens to request any information about the government transactions and operations, provided that it shall not put into jeopardy privacy and matters of national security.

The FOI Manual guides the public in requesting information from the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council enabled through Executive Order No. 02, series of 2016.


Aims to establish a standard procedure and provide reference material to the public as well as the staff and personnel of the Early Childhood Care and Development Council on the processing of requests for information/data.

Privacy Policy
While providing access to information, the ECCD Council shall afford full protection to a person’s right to privacy, as follows:

  1. The ECCD Council shall ensure that personal information, particularly sensitive personal information, in its custody or under its control is disclosed only as permitted by existing laws;
  2. The ECCD Council shall protect personal information in its custody or unauthorized access, leaks or premature disclosure;
  3. The Receiving Officer (RO) or any employee or official who has access, whether authorized or unauthorized, to personal information in the custody of the ECCD Council, shall not disclose that information except as authorized by existing laws.

Freedom of Information FAQs

Any Filipino citizen can make an FOI Request. As a policy, requesting parties are required to present proof of identification in the submission of an FOI request.

You can request for the following documents based on the EO No. 2: Information, official records, public records, and documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions,  or decisions – as well as to government research, data used as basis for policy development, subject to exceptions necessary to protect essential public or private interest.

If the information you are looking for is publicly unavailable, you may send us an FOI Request through:

  1. FOI Request Form – Place a request by downloading the Request Form. Fill up the request from and submit it to [email protected] Ensure to state your full name, contact information, and provide a scanned or photocopy of at least one (1) valid government-issued picture ID as proof of your identity.
    • You may choose any of the Valid IDs as proof of your identity:
      • Valid Philippine Passport
      • Digitized SSS
        • Valid Philippine Passport
        • Digitized SSS ID
        • Driver’s License
        • GSIS E-card
        • PRC ID
        • BIR ID
        • Senior Citizen’s ID
        • Unified Multi-Purpose ID
        • Voter’s ID
        • Improved Postal ID
        • OWWA ID
        • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) ID
    • Describe the information you wish to access. 
    • Indicate your preferred mode of communication.Choose how you want to be contacted in order to be alerted about the status of your request and how you want to receive the requested information, should your request be granted. 
  2. You can send your Request Form along with your other requirements to: [email protected]
  3. Or make a request through the ECCD Council FOI Portal

The requesting party shall not be charged any fees for submitting requests to access information

The requesting party will receive a response either granting or denying the request.

If the request is granted, you can expect to receive the documents as an attachment through the eFOI portal, email, or be requested to collect the documents at the ECCD Council office. If the request is denied, the RO will respond and give an explanation or refer the requestor to the appropriate agency.

The standard processing time is fifteen (15) working days. During this time, you will be contacted regarding your request through your preferred mode of communication. However, depending on the complexity of document/record being requested, the ECCD Council may need more time to review your request and thereby inform you of an extension of processing period. The extension shall not be longer than twenty (20) working days.

No request can be expedited. All requests will be reviewed equally on a case-to-case basis and will be allotted fifteen (15) working days for processing from the time of receipt.

You can visit the Philippine’s eFOI portal for more information.