National Child Development Center

The National Child Development Center (NCDC) is the community-based flagship program of the ECCD Council. It is the ground level venue of the implementation of ECCD activities, particularly the Early Learning Program and the Family Support Program

The Center aims to:


introduce best practices of the integrated early childhood care and development services to children aged zero (0) to four (4);


serve as a laboratory for conducting research and innovations about ECCD that will promote the continuing education and/or professionalization of ECCD service providers; and


become the resource center for the community to enhance parenting skills and capabilities.

Location and Structure

The Center is typically located near a public elementary school campus, or in a government property, identified and recommended by the local government where it operates. It is ideally located 500 meters away from an existing Day Care Center, has a minimum lot area of 250 square meters, a floor area of not less than 124 square meters of reinforced concrete structure, and provisions for a perimeter fence and playground. It is also designed as a child friendly facility with a welcoming and nurturing environment that attracts the interest of young children, and helps in developing their love for learning.

NCDC Gallery