ECCD Bingo Cards

The ECCD Bingo Cards are the first materials released during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. These cards are designed to allow parents and caregivers to observe and see the development of their children. Items in the bingo cards are a combination of developmental milestones and age-appropriate activities. The milestones cover the different developmental domains. The activities are select play-based activities that parents and caregivers can do with their children, as well activities that focus on hygiene and sanitation that can help address health needs in time of the pandemic.

The ECCD Bingo Cards are designed for specific age ranges : 0 to 6 months, 7 to 11 months, 1 year , 2 years, 3 years, and 4 years old. They are published in different languages based in the country to aid in distribution and reach. These languages are Bisaya, Chavacano, English, Filipino, and Ilocano.

Instructions in using ECCD Bingo Cards

  1. Choose the card that indicates your child’s age
  2. Read through the items. Mark items that you have observed your child doing, or that you already do with/for your child
  3. Take note of the items that your child is not yet able to do
  4. For unmarked items, you can make plans in doing these with/for them. These can be incorporated as an activity or part of their routine at home.
Posted on Mach 30, 2020 via Facebook